Read & clear all OBDII fault codes. Get error messages with description, read VIN, Readiness codes, OBDII sensors.

Read only

Read all ECUs

Our automatic scan function quickly shows you the vehicle status.

Service reset and adjustments

Conduct service resets in all supported vehicles and change interval type (e.g. Longlife).

Telematic data

Vehicle tracking and position, fuel consumption and costs, driveability analysis and automatic logbook help you reduce cost and wear.

Vehicle selection

Identify your vehicle of choice via our TecDoc based model selection or via our intelligent full-text search.

Sensor data as graph

Display up to eight different sensor readings in graphical format at the same time.

one or more brands of choice 32 car brands


Conduct actuator tests to actuate important parts like radiator fans or valves to identify cable breaks.

one or more brands of choice 32 car brands

Special functions

Electronic parking brake calibration, steering angle sensor calibration, DPF regeneration, battery replacement and much more.

one or more brands of choice 32 car brands


Free updates

All our diagnostic tools receive updates free of charge except new vehicle model and diagnosis functions. These kind of updates are included in the first 12 months and later on available for a reasonable price.

Supported languages: english, german

Our software features complete translations for the aforementioned languages.

Internet connection

All our diagnostic tools need a constant internet connection to work. Only then we can provide you with up-to-date diagnostic data and quick support.


Access all diagnoses you ever conducted via your autoaid profile and compare your past data with current diagnoses.


Tethered diagnostic tool (USB)

Our diagnostic tool with USB port and Windows software. One hardware – maximum flexibility. As the functionality of our diagnostic tools are provided through our cloud over the internet you can easily change at any time between our packages or add brands or functions.

Wireless diagnostic tool (WLAN)

Connect your wireless diagnostic tool via WLAN (Router or Hotspot) with any device of you choice (as long as it has a web browser) and conduct all diagnoses online. Use your smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop. No specific operating system or installation required – just use your browser.

TELEMATIC car connector

Our car connector connects via mobile data with your smartphone. See vehicle errors, check your cars location or optimize your style of driving. Get the free iOS App from the Apple App-Store.


Web interface with your own profile, diagnosis archive, access to free solutions.


Windows 7 or newer

Web browser

Control every diagnosis function with a device of your choice (even tablet and smartphone) as long as it features a web browser. (Requires autoaid wireless diagnostic tool which is sold separately)

iPhone App

Free iPhone App with complete access to telematic data.


Help with installation

Support from automotive experts …

via community

via mail

via phone



Pay once – use forever. All updates (new makes and models) for the first 12 months after activation included.

€99.00 €149.00 €549.00 €199.00


Includes new models and functions. 12 months duration, flexible start date, one time payment.

€29.00 €49.00 €399.00 already included



Monthly payment via debit, all updates included, 30 days cancellation period. No further costs.

€7.99 €9.99 €49.99 €9.99

Application fee

Onetime application fee.

€19.90 €19.90 €19.90 €19.90

Save ready cash with rent

(in the first 6 months, versus buying)

31 % 46 % 41 % 59 %


Add brand (price per brand)

Add all PRO-features for any brand of your like.


autoaid tablet

Windows 10 tablet with 10.1 inch multi-touch-screen and pre-installed software.



PC, tablet or similar MS Windows ready device with Windows 7 or newer

Device with web browser (only if you purchased the autoaid wireless diagnostic tool)

Constant internet connection (we recommend at least 6.000 kb/s downstream)

Device with Apple iOS (iOS 8 or newer)